Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Response to Writing Prompt Number #7-Agent Courtney

Although there is the obvious things to do in Reno, there is something that one could do that would be different-kidnapping his long lost child back from his estrange wife. Mike had waited for the right time for years to do this and knew that Carla always wanted to go on vacation to Reno for her 30th birthday. There would be lots of family there and plenty of distractions to keep her busy. He knew this would be the time to slide in unsuspectingly and grab his daughter, whom desperately needed him. Mike missed the court date to gain custody due to being an overworked cop. He had let his job get in the way once, but this time he was breaking all the rules to get the one person that loved him more than anything. Mike knew that once he grabbed Chloe that it would be a run to Canada where he would be safe with her and way from the clutches of Carla.


After getting my little baby girl to sleep I think now is the perfect time to write a few things down. Well, thinking it's time to explore new options. Thus, the big word for the day is GENRE. Genre is class or category of artistic endeavor having a particular form, content, technique. Basically the category in which you would put your writing, in this case romance. To further categories you can say inspirational, historical, paranormal etc. So deciding to change genres can be a tricky business, but what is life without a few new risks? Who knows, you could be missing your niche because of fear. I don't think a person should give up on one genre to just get a sale in another, but instead to maybe try having one or more areas that you write. With the market for romance continuing to change, the write has to be able to continually change. So with that being said here are a few sites that have popped up on my radar to help with the genre or sub-genre issue:

Happy writing all.....remember one word is the start to your next book =-)