Monday, February 25, 2013

Giveaway for Passion on the Plains

Book Giveaway for Passion on the Plains starts Friday (Feb 22) till next Friday (March 1)!! Come by and check it out ;-)

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Passion on the Plains by Sherita Smedley

Passion on the Plains

by Sherita Smedley

Giveaway ends March 01, 2013.
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Please, somebody help us! Kara fought back tears. Pushing up on her hands, she tried to stand. Trying to control her nerves, she gradually turned her head when she noticed her mothers body lying motionless by the oak rocker. Please get up. Kara shook her mother, but she didnt respond. Kara could not possibly overpower the three men who beat her father, but only one thought invaded her mind: revenge.

Kara Mae Malone never thought of herself as the damsel in distress. She and her mother narrowly survived the brutal Indian attack that killed her father, and years later, Karas heart is hardened and reluctant to love. With her widow mother getting older though, she has to take care of the family farm alone. The local rich bachelor and ladies man, Mr. Hillmond, often comes calling, and her refusals just make his advances stronger. At the stern advice of her mother, Kara reluctantly hires Jake Henry, the fetching new stranger in town, to help on the farm. But she dare not trust him with her heart. However, true love cannot be hidden, and the two are eventually drawn together. Kara can no longer deny her feelings, and she soon discovers what real love is. Chance brings them together, but it is the love of God that heals their wounds and gives them the desires of their heart.

Starting Fresh!!

With February coming to an end, now is a great time to start fresh and dust off that manuscript that has been sitting there gaining dust. I have been dragging through this winter and pushing to finish my manuscript to completion. I am happy to have my second book coming out, but with work I feel that I have to push even harder.

Thankfully with the warmer weather on the way, I will feel like coming out of hibernation. To all my fellow writers, spring will warm us all and cause a need to start fresh. Take this time to prepare with workshops such as :

for romance writers or do a google search to find your writing niche. Or try online classes that can help get the juices flowing again.

My wish for you is that your fingers fly across your keyboards and you come up with the next hit novel.

Be blessed,