Thursday, April 5, 2012

Obedience is better than sacrifice

Well book one is on the way and now I feel that book two should be following. Sitting here I am trying to gather my thoughts and decide what angle I want to start writing. I love the thought of putting my ideas together and coming out with a story that has a life of its own. Although my world is historical, I would never trade it for anything. Making a town appear from nothing is a gift that I don't take lightly. So, in the words of my favortie character "This is my town".

Thought for today:
Write, type, or scratch down whatever words you want to say. Keep these ideas so that later you can come back to it and add more. One thing that I find helpful as a writer is to keep writing, no matter how tired or upset I am. Your thoughts will spill onto the page and create a master piece.

So today, start with a word...even if it is a single word.....write!

Happy Writing!!

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  1. Sherita, Congratulations on her first book. I am sure its going to be wonderful and very inspiring thanks for the word that you shared with all of us today. Everything ministers in one way or another so keep them coming.