Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 3 of writing challenge...

Well today was a slow start, but a powerful finish! Starting this morning with only 552 words, I was struggling to get the words out. However, once my writing groove took over the words begin to flow.

So the word I would like to share today is persistence. Being determined to finish no matter if the baby grabs your attention, or you have to cook a million meals (LOL) deciding to stay the course is the main objective. There will always be an excuse to keep you from doing things, but what do you want to say at the end of the say...I didn't bother to try or I gave it my all and it worked!

Yesterday I did not reach my goal and I must admit it was a little discouraging considering this challenge only works if you type some many words a day. So today I had to kick it into high gear and I finished with 2906 words!! Woohoo...Giving me a total of 5217..which is a great start to a wonderful romance....

So when life gets in the way or things happen beyond your control, remember that being persistent can mean the difference between getting published and wanting to be published.

Happy Writing ;-)

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